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Here’s how we can help you through your business journey:


Bring your ideas into reality. We help you to set up your business from the ground up and structure it to achieve your business goals. Set it up correctly from day one so you can focus on creating the business.


Grow your business. We assist you to minimise legal risks and optimise your business for growth and operational efficiency. Expand your team, scale your operations, and maximise profitability.


Sell your business and start a new venture. We advise you on how to prepare your business for sale, negotiate terms with the buyer, and facilitate a smooth, and stress-free sale process.

Here’s why
business owners
team up with us

Lawyers with Business Experience

Our business lawyers have practical business experience, which sets us apart from many other commercial lawyers who typically have none at all. We understand the challenges of business and how to prioritise legal issues based on their real impact.

Fixed Fees for Real Outcomes

We generally charge fixed fees as we are able to draw on our years of experience to deliver a predictable outcome with cost certainty. We adopt a transparent fee structure which aligns with your business interests.

Senior Lawyers Only

You will only deal with our senior business lawyers who have a high level of experience and expertise and personal knowledge of you and your business. Unlike other firms, you will not be passed around to junior lawyers and paralegals whose work must be checked and rechecked at your cost.

Expertise in Niche Areas

We have deep knowledge and expertise in niche areas, including but not limited to, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, private health practices, and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

Technology-Driven Processes

We embrace the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and utilise unique methods of client onboarding, information gathering, and service delivery, to provide an enhanced, efficient, and hassle-free client experience.

Affordable and Reasonably Priced

We provide a superior service which is considerably more affordable than most city-based firms. We achieve this through an innovative internal structure and model which allows us to be highly competitive.


Hear from our satisfied clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you service?

We service businesses small and large in all industries and sectors, including but not limited to, health and ageing, science and technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, professional services, financial services, retail and consumer products, manufacturing and industrial services, and property and real estate.

How do you charge for your services?

We generally charge fixed fees. What we charge is highly transparent as we recognise the value of cost certainty for any business. Unlike most lawyers, you won’t incur costs simply speaking to us about your business.

What sets you apart from other lawyers?

Our business lawyers have firsthand business experience, unlike most commercial lawyers. When engaging with us, you’ll only deal with senior lawyers and not juniors or paralegals. We are also experts in various niche areas so our lawyers will not have to reinvent the wheel.

What areas do you specialise in?

We are a full-service commercial and corporate law firm. However, we specialise in servicing certain types of clients, including:

– Entrepreneurs and Inventors

– Doctors, Dentists, and Health Service Providers

– Financial and Professional Service Providers

– Technology Providers and Services

– Crypto Project Founders and Exchanges

– High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices

Why do I need a lawyer?

Our lawyers are highly experienced practitioners with real experience launching, running, scaling and selling businesses. Our core value is providing insights from our experience and identifying and addressing legal risks that we have dealt with many times before.

What is the process of engaging you?

The first step is to have an initial free consultation with one of our senior lawyers. We will then prepare a scope of work and a fee proposal for your consideration. If it is acceptable to you, we will send you engagement documents for digital signing before we commence work on your matter.

How long has the firm been in practice?

Our firm was established in 2017. Collectively, our lawyers have over 40 years of experience in law and business.

What is the initial consultation fee?

We offer free initial consultations for all clients.

Who will be handling my matter?

One of our senior lawyers will be your primary contact person. There may be other lawyers involved, depending on the size and complexity of your matter.

How can I get started with your firm?

Reach out to us to book in a free initial consultation, and one of our senior lawyers will guide you through the process of engaging our firm.

What geographical areas do you serve?

We service clients Australia-wide and overseas.

How does your firm ensure confidentiality?

By law, all communications between you and our firm are protected by legal professional privilege, whether or not you formally engage us to act on your behalf. We are legally bound to maintain full confidentiality of all things you discuss with us.

Can I see testimonials or case studies from past clients?

Depending on what type of client you are, or what industry you operate in, our Client and Industry pages may contain case studies and examples of the successes we have assisted our clients to achieve.

Set up, grow, scale or sell your business with expert legal guidance.

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